The Last Planner® System and the importance of DOING

August 8, 2019

The LastPlanner® System and the importance of DOING - LPS keeps work flowing efficiently. It is continuous planning by those doing the work. Together they plan the sequence of work, the hand-offs, and clear away potential constraints to make work predictable. The levels of LPS are often described as SHOULD, CAN, WILL, DID. Do you see something missing? It is DOING. The weekly meeting moves work from what we CAN do, to what we WILL do. But until the next weekly meeting, we are DOING. This is now the actual production level work. Daily huddles are focused on DOING. Teams meet for 10-15 minutes every day. It is an opportunity to coordinate what the team is DOING, making any needed adjustments, to keep work flowing. The trust and communication built up in these meetings extends to what the team is DOING out in to the field. Trades work together as a team to meet project milestones.

David MacKay
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